Prof. Akhilesh Kumar Verma
Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007, India.
E-mail:akhilesh682000@gmail.com , averma@acbr.du.ac.in

Congratulations to Dr. Pawan K. Mishra whose paper entitled "BF3-Etherate-Catalyzed Tandem Reaction of 2-Formylarylketones with Electron-rich Arenes/Heteroarenes: An Assembly of Isobenzofurans" has been published in Chem. Commun...Latest

Congratulations to Sushmita whose paper entitled "Olefin-Oriented Selective Synthesis of Linear and Branched N-Alkylated Heterocycles via Hydroamination" has been published in Eur. J. Org. Chem.

Congratulations to Kapil Mohan Saini whose paper entitled "Transition-Metal-Free Reverse Reactivity of (2-alkynyl)-Arylaldimines: Assembly of Functionalized Amino-Indinones" has been published in Chem. Eur. J.

Congratulations to Dr. Pawan K. Mishra. He is selected Sailife-NOST Best Thesis Award 2019